To stay alive I had to run away with my baby. 

Mina’s Heart

Thousands of Christian women converts die annually in Islamic countries not only because they converted from Islam to Christianity but because they are women. Anyone who digs under the surface propaganda of Islamic activists will discover that its treatment of women is the most restrictive on earth.

The factor that leads many mothers and daughters to seek Christ is His loving concern for women who suffer at the hand of cruel husbands, religion and political policies. Muslims view women as unfeeling replaceable commodities. Christian women are routinely flogged and stoned in the Islamic nations. It is not unusual for the authorities to arrest and inflict injuries on Christian children to force their mothers to renounce Christ.

We turn from fear to faith as we shatter the silence.

Born into a fundamentalist Islamic family in Iran, Mina found Jesus through unsolicited supernatural visitations. After embracing Christ as her savior, she was rejected and disowned by her family.

Mina Nevisa’s heritage is Iranian aristocracy. For generations her family has been trendsetters in Islamic theological academies; as business moguls; & as major influences in the country’s high society affairs. Their home environment was that of gifted Muslim ayatollahs & leading authors of books & scholarly lectures about all aspects of Islam. In spite of membership with the elite, Mina matured as a personable people person who enjoys socializing with every stratum of society.

Mina and her family are passionate about bringing Jesus’ message of love and light to people living in Muslim majority countries in the Middle East. They have been pursued by Muslim fundamentalists from country to country in an attempt to intimidate and stop her from sharing the gospel and revealing the secret truths about the true nature of Islam. However, the glory of God will be shouted from the roof tops and nothing will stop spreading the Gospel.

Touch of Christ Ministries was founded to reach Muslims and to support the persecuted Christians. In addition to bringing Muslims to the light of Christ they help new converts understand how best to worship, and effectively disciple them through house churches, discipleship courses, and safe houses for women and children.

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