From bondage, to freedom in Christ, is a costly journey.
Matthew 18:20

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– The rescues of Christian women and their children
– Printing and Distribution of Bibles
– House Church Planting

Miracle Of Miracles

Miracle of Miracles is the biography of the life Mina Nevisa. She was born into a family of Islamic fundamentalists. Her life was translated from the ordinary to the extraordinary through a dramatic supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ during her teenage years. That pivotal experience turned members of her family and the Islamic authorities of her nation against her. Over the course of the subsequent twenty-one years, Muslim radicals pursued her from nation to nation. The accounts of God’s miraculous interventions in her life will thrill and intrigue you.

This book will also educate you about the true nature of Islam. Its addendum, Insights Into The Deceptions of Islam, will lead you on a trek beyond the liberal news media’s politically correct assertions. Islam is nothing akin to a religion that promotes international peace and harmonious respect for those of other faiths. You will discover realities about the life of Muhammad and the societal woes that his teachings have produced in the nations that adhere to them. It challenges Muslim and non-Muslim to objectively examine the tragic fruit that Islam has spawned.

Forbidden Miracles

IN THIS UNFORGETTABLE SEQUEL to her best-selling autobiography, Miracle of Miracles, Mina Nevisa tells the forty-year saga of her father, the opulently wealthy son of an Iranian Ayatollah, who at age 77 has a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

Overcome by his miraculous revelation, Mina’s father is released from a lifetime of religious oppression—only to face perils of an altogether different sort. The imprisonment and torture of his youngest son; his own clandestine, dangerous meetings with other Christian converts; his fight to find and to restore his relationship with his daughter Mina, whom he had disowned for apostasy—all this takes place against the backdrop of the vigilant and powerful Islamic police.

A daring and compelling tale, Forbidden Miracles masterfully exposes the lies and deceptions of Islam. You will marvel to read about cruel kidnappings, pulse-pounding rescues, intriguing testimonies, and a powerful love story. This is a wake-up call to Christians, Muslims, and people from all walks of life facing persecution or longing for religious freedom. In Jesus Christ there are miracles!

Mina Nevisa and her husband were born to fundamentalist Muslim families and were miraculously converted to Christianity in the early eighties. Forced to flee their homeland, they founded Touch of Christ Ministries in 1991 to reach Muslims and to support the persecuted Christians. Thousands have been blessed by their powerful testimonies. They accept invitations to churches and conferences throughout Europe and the USA. Mina is frequently interviewed in relation to Islamic-Christian issues.


I am presently reading the book you sent me about your father. I pray for TOC, and you so encourage me with your boldness and deep faith. You are such an inspiration to me. Sometimes here in America we have it too easy and many don’t see the need for Christ. Thank you for all you do.


I got my copies of Forbidden Miracles on Friday and spent Saturday and Sunday reading the book. I can read a lot of financial publications and papers, but I rarely read a book (except the Bible) cover to cover. I picked up Forbidden Miracles and wanted to use every spare moment to read the book. I laughed, cheered and cried through every word. I thank God for each and every story and that he used B. and me to play small parts along the way. Bravo Mina, the book is brilliantly written and I too pray that the eyes of Western Christians would be opened to the freedom we have and the persecution that our brothers and sisters suffer. Each and every gathering of believers in churches, home churches, Sunday School or just for dinner should begin praying for the persecuted church.


I just received the two books by Mina and have read them both in two days. They are so well written, and thorough in their coverage of Islam’s impact, that I just could not stop reading them. They deepened my own respect for my Christian religion. And so much more.


Your book “Forbidden Miracles” is Wonderful – Very Moving and a blessing for All who read it.
Mighty Blessings to you and your ministry. Wow!


Recently finished your first book and am in the middle of the sequel. All I can say is WOW! The horribleness of the stories is only balanced by the gloriousness of what God has done here. Hallelujah! You are an inspiration.



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